Thanks for hanging with us during this pandemic.  We have had a successful baseball and softball season, pool season, and now we are holding soccer, flag football and volleyball.  It’s great to be able to hold these events for everyone to participate.  But all these programs come at a cost.  Budgets are constantly being reviewed and cut or at least, not increased. 

We have had many struggles with our programs this year due to not having financial support from our businesses this year.  We chose not to ask businesses for financial help with all the struggles they are going through this year. 

We are again selling Euphoria Coffee, Tea and Soups.  Please sell as much as you can.  You can post your order form on social media and take orders, call friends and family, or go door to door.  Please do what is comfortable for you.  If you would rather make a donation to Parks and Recreation, that is acceptable as well.  We are very aware that people have very valid concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus and being in public.  However, selling even a couple items helps out Parks and Recreation. Think Christmas Gifts!  Who wouldn’t love to get Euphoria Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea and/or soup in their stocking on Christmas morning. 

Our programs all have fees built in the registration fee so they break even.  It’s the other programs that we offer without fees that we need to cover.  Biggest is our ice rink.  We need to purchase new lights, bumpers, and replacement pieces for the ice-skating rink which will cost about $500.  We are still planning on holding our Winterfest again this winter.  We have ice skating, broom ball, cross country skiing, smores, bonfires, carriage rides and fireworks.  Last year we offered a soup and sandwich as well.  All who participated had great fun and it was a wonderful day and evening.  Please help us make this year just as special.  Thank you in advance for all your support for our Parks and Recreation programming whether it be by volunteering or financial support.  We appreciate all of it more than you can imagine.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 563.380.8496.