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Deadline: Registration and fee must be returned by March 16, 2018.  A LATE FEE OF $10 WILL BE ASSESSED AFTER THAT DATE.  NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 4/6/18 UNLESS NEW TO THE COMMUNITY.

Entry Fee: T-Ball-$23; Pitching Machine-$28; Minors-$33; Majors-$38; Levels are determined by last grade completed or age depending on level.  Please be aware that due to limited diamonds, some games and practices may be held in Rotary Park, Lion's Park, Hawkeye and Fayette. Your child must be at least 4 yrs. old by June 1, 2018. If you have more than one child participating in the same activity, there will be a $5.00 discount for each additional child.  Example:  If you have three children participating, the total cost would be $50.00---$20.00 + $15.00 + $15.00 = $50.  This is a savings of $10 per activity. PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE ELIMINATED THE $5 NON-RESIDENT FEE ON ALL REGISTRATIONS.

Send to: Mail entries to:  West Union Parks and Recreation, PO Box 151, West Union IA  52175. Or this form can be returned to the school the child attends.

Questions: Email Kathy Guyer at or call 563-380-8496.

Attention T-Ball Parents: I want to welcome you to the 2018 T-Ball season! I'm hoping this information will give new parents to West Union Parks and Recreation the necessary information to decide if this is the right year to involve your children.

Once we have the coaches selected, a firm practice schedule will be issued by your coach. Practices begin the first week in June and are usuallly twice a week between 5-7 p.m. depending on the coaches personal schedule. Please try to make as many practices as possible. Practices will last for 45-60 minutes and will all take place at the T-ball field next to the soccer field. Rotary Park and Lions Park may also be used but you will be notified if there is a change. Games will be held the last week of June and you will play only the other West Union teams.

As far as equipment goes, if you have a glove, please bring it to practice. If not, don't worry; we'll find a glove for you. The Park & Rec Department also has some left-handed gloves available if you need one. We also have bats and balls for the team. However, if you have a bat that you like to use, feel free to bring it along.

Team pictures will be scheduled as soon as teams are set and uniforms have arrived. The team shirts will be passed out the first day of practice. I will have picture-ordering information available at the first practice.

Your child's coach would like to set up a calling group that he/she can text message any late changes to practices due to weather, etc. Your coach will be given all the information you included on your registration form but if there is a different number you would like to receive text alerts on, please let your coach know. He/She will be getting in touch with you as soon as registration is closed and coaches are secured.

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun this summer with the team. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Coaches meeting is Sunday, May 6, 2018. After that meeting, you should all be hearing from your coaches on practice, game schedules, etc.

Pitching Machine Parents: (The following information depends largely on the coaches personal schedule). The teams start traveling at this age. They will practice 1-2 times per week and will have 1-2 games per week. Games will take place in the month of June. I recommend practices and games start after school is out for the summer.

Minor Team Parents: (The following information depends largely on the coaches personal schedule). The teams continue to travel to neighboring towns for games. Practices are usually 2-3 times per week as are games. This depends largely on what our neighboring towns have for teams. In past years there have been several teams and also years where there are not many teams. This year has yet to be decided. I strongly suggest games not start until school is out but practices may start before that time. Again this depends on the coach.

Majors and 7th grade Parents: (The following information depends largely on the coaches personal schedule). The teams will practice 2-4 times a week with 2-3 games per week. At this age, practices and games can start before school is out for the summer but we very aware that the children still need to do homework and get their rest. We will not schedule double headers before they are out for the summer.

Our end of the season tournaments will be held the weekend of June 23-24, 2017. The boys tournaments will be held in West Union and the girls tournaments will be hosted by Sumner.

Please feel free to contact Kathy at 563-380-8496 with any questions you may have throughout the season.


Game Schedule

The game schedule has been posted to this site so parents and family can view their child's schedule at any time. Concession stand workers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact Park and Rec at 563-380-8496. Thank you for helping us provide quality activities for the youth of the West Union area.

Below you will see a link to the 2018 Home Game Schedule. These are ONLY games played in West Union. If you are following a specific team, you will need to contact the player or coach on that team to get a complete schedule. Click on the following link to view the home baseball/softball game schedule:

[Home Game Schedule]


  • T-Ball 1:
  • T-Ball 2:
  • T-Ball 3:
  • T-Ball 4:
  • T-Ball 5:
  • Pitching Machine Boys 1:
  • Pitching Machine Boys 2:
  • Pitching Machine Girls 1:
  • Pitching Machine Girls 2:
  • Boys Minors 1:
  • Boys Minors 2:
  • Girls Minors 1:
  • Girls Minors 2:
  • Boys Majors 1:
  • Boys Majors 2:
  • Girls Majors 1:
  • Girls Majors 2:
  • Boys Juniors:
  • Girls Juniors:

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