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The 11th annual triathlon was held Saturday, June 30, 2018, at the West Union Recreation Park. It included a 3.1-mile run, 16-mile bike ride, and 400 yd swim. Winners from the past 5 years are listed below.

2013 race results: Excel | PDF

2014 race results: Excel | PDF

2015 race results: Excel

2016 race results: [online results]

2017 race results: [click here]

2018 race results: [click here]

Winners from all Triathlons: [click here]



City Parks

To reserve Lion's, Rotary, Sunset, Clark Park, or the West Union Recreation Park, please contact the Park and Recreation Department. Click here for further information. A committee has been formed to decide how we update Rotary Park. We have developed a survey to gather community opinions.